When you need to apply for a new type of financing, whether it’s a credit card or a car loan, you might start paying attention to what kind of credit score you have.

After all, lenders use that number to determine whether or not you’re approved, and if you are, what kind of interest rate you’ll be charged.

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Think you have fair credit?

Keep reading to get your credit score, what it means to have fair credit, and how you can start improving your credit history to access better interest rates and financing terms.

What does it mean to have a fair credit score?

FICO, the most widely used credit scoring system in the country, uses a points scale from 300 to 850 to determine consumers’ credit score. Using that scale, a “fair” credit score is considered to range from 580 to 669. …


Mani Hatami

Mani Hatami being one of two founders of Zenith Financial Group is a Senior U.S Board Certified Credit Consultant in the areas of Credit Repair and Debt-related

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